arguments for queer asterisms of placemaking

‘If we are to use words like constellations, then we must think about their consequence. Words matter, stars are matter, matter matters […] Queer asterisms therefore further foregrounds the subjective nature of queer practices of placemaking. Asterisms informal, borderless nature, speaks to queerness in a way that constellations does not, bordered and fixed’.

notes on protest & breath

“Masks themselves becoming sites of protest […] Thin walls of polymeric material made of fibres and filter: laying a boundary, between breath within and breath without” #queerplacemaking

towards a queer definition

Claire: How would you self define queer practices of placemaking? Chip: Queer placemaking signifies inclusion, security, community and a concrete…

research recap

A year and a few months after upgrading, and as I move into a second phase of interviews, it feels…